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  Samobor Links

 Dalibor Paar's page about Samobor - first and for the long time the only web page about Samobor. Completely revised recently, with many pictures 
 Nightlife in Samobor - two guys with a lot of spirit and no illusions about their town. Funny!  
 Goran's fun and stuff page - another page by one of the boys from Samobor 
 Tourist Association of Town of Samobor - you probably will not be able to view it with Netscape, but MSIExplorer only. Has some useful information, but proves that Java classes can be sheer terror. Go for it only if you're patient more than a herd of elephants combined. To view only, nothing to print or save.  
 The Zagreb County  - a page with general information on the larger area of The Zagreb County 
Osnovna škola Samobor - pages of the school of my sons. (Matko worked on them and stole some of my pictures, but he has scanned them all...) - the unofficial pages of the town of Samobor (these texts were originally written for them)

BURKA - contemporary dance group from Samobor (Matko made this pages)

Republic Of Croatia Official Home Page  

Crolinks!!  The most comprehensive list of Croatian links on the Net!