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Samobor climate
    Samobor is situated in moderate European region, 45°48’6" latitude north and 15°42’49"longitude east, 168 meters above sea level (the base of the St. Anastasia parochial church). 
    Climate doesn’t differ from the climate of the surrounding area of the central Croatia. It is typical moderate continental climate. 

The Livadić Street and Gradna creek

Winter temperatures average a bit under 0° in January, and average summer temperatures are about 20° in July. Precipitation is around 1.000 mm on the year level in the plains, and up to 1.200 mm in the hills. Precipitation is mostly equally distributed through the year. Snow stays on the ground for more than 60 days average in The Samobor hills, and about 40 days in the plains. The most common winds blow from the northeast and southwest. 
The great part of the Samobor region is under forests. Up to 400 meters above sea level these are mostly of beech, hornbeam, oak and sweet chestnut, and above that level mostly of beech, spruce and fir.
Map of Samobor region